Tour Promotion

Promoting Your School Tour

Once you decide to take a group on tour, there are a few things to tackle before you’re on your way.

We know how busy school life is so in order to help make things a little easier, we’ve prepared a set of tools to help successfully launch your trip in school.


Template Letters

We’ve put together a template letter so you can modify and fill in the gaps as you wish to help you communicate with students’ and parents to secure their permission. Please contact us for a copy of this template.


PowerPoint Presentation

You can request a PowerPoint presentation from us, that you can modify to help you communicate to students (and parents) what the tour is about and what they will be doing. This can also be made available on your website for parents to see. The presentation is easy to tailor with details of your unique tour. Use them to give an overview of the tour, an example of our accommodation types, suggested excursions and sample itineraries, the price and what’s included.


Image Library

We know that some teachers like to create their own promotional materials so we can provide you with relevant images to help you do this.


Promotional Posters

We’ll provide you with some eye-catching A3 pre-printed posters that you can personalise with details of the trip or upcoming presentations. We will be happy to send one of these out to you or please contact a member of our team who can provide you with an electronic copy if preferred.