Paris, the Western Front & Rome

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Paris, Somme, West Flanders, Naples, Rome Culture & History

Inspire your students with a visit to some of the WWI battle sites where ANZACs fought alongside their European allies, creating an indelible link between France and Australia.

The Bay of Naples is a wonderful combination of spectacular coastline and world-famous archaeological sites. The abundance of classical ruins and breathtaking scenery draws schools back to the region every year, whether it be for classical exploration, wonderful concert tours or to absorb the Italian culture.

Destination:     Paris, Somme, West Flanders, Naples, Rome

Tour Highlights:

  • Guided Tour of Louvre
  • Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Latin Quarter
  • Seine River Cruise
  • Tour of Versailles
  • Visit Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe
  • Visit Somme Valley and Villers-Bretonneux
  • Visit Fromelles and The Musée de la Guerre
  • Flanders Fields Museum
  • Attend the Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate
  • Visit the National Archaeological Museum of Naples
  • Full Day Tour of Pompeii
  • Visit Herculaneum and Mount Vesuvius
  • See Piazza Navona, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain
  • Classical Rome Tour
  • Guided Vatican Tour


  • Accommodation throughout the itinerary
  • Private coach transfers as per the itinerary
  • All entrances/workshops as per the itinerary
  • Daily breakfasts included and other meals as per the itinerary
  • 24/7 support while on tour
  • Return international flights

Day 1

Depart Australia

Day 2

Arrive in Paris, board your own private coach and transfer to the hotel.

In the afternoon you will have some free time to wander around the local area and rest after your long flight.

Overnight Paris.

Day 3

This morning after breakfast you will take a part in a guided tour of Louvre. This is the most visited museum and one of the largest museums in the world. Admire the Louvre’s selection of masterpieces including the Venus de Milo, the Wedding Feast at Cana, the Mona Lisa and discover the scale and splendour of the Louvre whose collections span the centuries.

In the afternoon you will visit the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Latin Quarter.  Notre Dame is arguably the most stunning gothic cathedral in the world, and undoubtedly the most famous.

Later in the afternoon enjoy a cruise along the River Seine and see the city’s most famous landmarks.

Overnight Paris

Day 4

Today travel to the nearby town of Versailles and visit Versailles Château and its gardens. Together with its gardens, the Château de Versailles is one of the most famous monuments of world heritage. The buildings trace the architectural style of the 17th and 18th centuries and comprise: the Royal Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, the Chapel, the Royal Opera and the Museum of the History of France

Tour the Sun King’s lavish Chateau with a local guide before free time to explore the gardens.

Later in the afternoon return to Paris and stroll the Champs Elysees and ascend to the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

Overnight Paris.

Day 5

This morning board your private coach and transfer to the Somme Valley. Visit key WWI sites with a local battlefield historian, including Pozieres and Villers-Bretonneux. The Australian National Memorial stands in Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, located 2 kilometres north of the village on the east side of the road to Fouilloy.

Overnight Somme Valley.

Day 6

In the morning you will visit Fromelles before crossing into Belgium.The Musée de la Guerre (War Museum), formerly housed in the Mairie (Town Hall), has been reopened as the Battle of Fromelles Museum in a dedicated new building, as part of the Australian Remembrance Trail. The museum tells the story of Australia’s first battle in France in 1916.

You will also visit the Flanders Fields Museum for an interactive learning experience. The Museum presents the story of the First World War in the West Flanders front region. It is located in the renovated Cloth Halls of Ypres, an important symbol of wartime hardship and later recovery

There will be free time in Ypres town centre to visit the local chocolate shops.

Overnight West Flanders.

Day 7

Spend the day visiting the battlefields, memorials and cemeteries of the Western Front in Flanders with an expert local guide.

In the evening, attend the Last Post ceremony at Menin Gate. The Last Post, the traditional final salute to the fallen, is played by the buglers in honour of the memory of the soldiers of the former British Empire, including Australia and the allies, who died in Ypres Salient during the First World War. It is the intention of the Last Post Association to maintain this daily act of homage in eternity.

Overnight West Flanders.

Day 8

After breakfast, board your private coach and transfer to the airport for your flight to Naples.

On arrival you will visit the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and see the artefacts recovered from the Cities of Vesuvius. The museum contains a large collection of Roman artefacts from Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculaneum. The collection includes works of the highest quality produced in Greek, Roman and Renaissance times. It is the most   important Italian archaeological museum and is considered one of the most important in the world.

Overnight Bay of Naples.

Day 9

Today you will take part in a full day tour of Pompeii and learn about the city covered by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. This is one of the most famous ancient sites in the world. Almost 2000 years ago, Mount Vesuvius erupted, covering Pompeii in ash.  The nature of the explosion, a build-up of gases due to the outlet being blocked meant that the residents of the town had no warning of the disaster. Therefore life has been preserved as it was in 79 AD andexcavations are ongoing. Explore the site with an expert local guide and see private and public buildings, bath complexes, daily life, economic activity and evidence of the eruption.

In the afternoon enjoy some free time in beautiful Sorrento.

Overnight in Naples.

Day 10

Today you will visit Herculaneum and see the excavations of the Villa of Oplontis and the former town of Herculaneum. The eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD buried this town in an airtight layer of volcanic mud, unlike the volcanic ash of Pompeii which took a while to settle and become compressed, making it better preserved than Pompeii. Excavations have revealed the ancient town, and details about life including diet, clothing and furniture.

In the afternoon, ascend to the summit of Mount Vesuvius. This is the only active volcano on Europe’s mainland, at present it is dormant after the last disastrous eruption of 1944 when streams of lava poured down its sides and showered Naples and surrounding towns with pebbles and ash. Take a walk to the rim of this magnificent crater.  Nowhere in the world can the effects of a volcanic eruption be better understood

Overnight in Naples.

Day 11

After breakfast board your private coach and transfer to Rome, the Eternal City.

On arrival, enjoy a walking tour and see Piazza Navona, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain stands 30 metres high and 20 metre wide, it is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome. A traditional legend holds that if visitors throw a coin into the fountain, they are sure to return to Rome

Overnight Rome.

Day 12

Today take part in a Classical Rome Tour. A professional, experienced, English-speaking guide will share an insight into the history and culture of the cityand will lead a tour through the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum.

In the afternoon you will see the Palatine Hill. This is one of the most ancient parts of the city. It stands 40 metres above the Roman Forum looking down on one side, with the Circus Maximus on the other. According to Roman mythology, the Palatine Hill was the location of the cave where Romulus and Remus were found by the she-wolf who kept them alive.

Overnight Rome.

Day 13

This morning, visit the smallest Independent country in the world – Vatican City. You will take part in a guided tour of the Vatican Museums which will include Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica.The Vatican Museums house one of the finest art collections in the world. Marvel at St. Peter’s Square and the Obelisk, the Papal Swiss Guards, the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of Saint Peters.

Later in the afternoon visit the Spanish Steps and Via del Corso.

Overnight Rome.

Day 14

After breakfast board your private coach and transfer to the airport for your return flight.

Day 15

Arrive home.

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